Dinner 5

For the fifth dinner in the "Kyoto Dinner Experiments" we invited Mitsuko and Masahiko Oe for boiled cod with bacon and potatoes. They showed us how to fry shrimps and make a delicious fish soup.

Cod with Bacon

1 kg Cod
1 l water
3-4 table spoons of salt
2 packages of bacon

If you buy a whole cod, marinate it with salt and let it observe over night, then you don´t need to use as much salt in the water when you boil the fish. Cut the cod in parts that are 2 cm wide. Put the cod in the water when it is boiling. Let the cod cool off for a couple of minutes.
Fry the bacon and serve it together with the cod.
Serve with boiled potatoes and a salad.

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