Dinner 3

For the third dinner in the "Kyoto Dinner Experiments" we were invited home to John and Sasha, on the menu was the Norwegian Komla and Japanese half frozen Salmon.

Recipes and Ingredients listings( the Scandinavian dishes)

Komla/ Blandaball

1 kg Fish This could be Cod, Pollock or Haddock

1 litre of potatoes cut in small pieces

2 Table spoons of salt

3 Table spoons of potato flour

1 Table spoon of flour

1 dl milk


First you grind the fish with the salt, then you add the potato and grind again. Add the milk and flour to make the dough so that it is easy to make the balls. Role the dough into balls were you put one bacon in the middle.

The “komla” is to be added in boiling water with salt and boiled for 1 hour.

Served with fried bacon.

Recipes and Ingredients listing (The Japanese dishes)


Dish name: Guji no Sakamushi Tilefish Steamed in Sake


Amadai Tilefish (Guji in Kyoto local dialect) – 2

Shiitake mushrooms -5

Enoki mushrooms -1 pack

Shironegi leek -1

Ichibangiri Konbu kelp -5 cm strip

Sake -75cc

Water -75cc


1. Cut the stems from the mushrooms and cut the shironegi diagonally into 1cm pieces.

2. Set the konbu in the bottom of a deep dish, and place the fish and other ingredients on top of it.

3. Pour in the water and sake mix.

4. Cook in a steamer for ten to fifteen minutes.

5. Eat with ponzu (Japanese citrus yuzu/shoyu soya sauce/dashi mixture)


Dish name: Ruibe Iced raw salmon, an Ainu dish.

Unsalted Sake Salmon

‘Kakucho’ shoyu soy sauce, from Yuasa-cho in Wakayama Prefecture (whereshoyu soy sauce originated)

Sansho Shoyu, from Taka-gun in Hyogo Prefecture

Hon-wasabi, Japanese horseradish (from Shizuoka prefecture)

Ezo Yamawasabi from Hokkaido

Benitade red water-pepper

Kikka edible chrysanthemum flowers.


1. Slice the frozen salmon into slices just as you would sashimi.

2. Blend the two shoyu mixes together.

3. Grate the two types of wasabi.

4. Dip the frozen salmon into the wasabi and shoyu mix of your choice.

5. The benitade and chrysanthemums are used as garnish.

6. Eat

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