Dinner 2

For the second dinner in the "Kyoto Dinner Experiments" we invited Ayaka and Saki to our house.

Here is the recipe for the Scandinavian Dish.

Fried Salmon with Leak Sauce

Salmon Fillet (200-250 g per person)



Butter (for frying)


Leak Sauce

1 Leak

3-4 table spoons of butter

2 1/2 dl Cream

2 1/2 dl Milk

1 table spoon flour

2 tea spoons mustard

Salt and Pepper

Marinate the salmon with salt and dill. Put in the refrigerator for one hour before frying.

Melt butter in a sauce-pot, cut the leak in small pieces and fry it in the butter. Then add the cream and the flour. Add the milk and let it boil lightly for 10 minutes. Then spice it with the mustard, pepper and salt.

Serve with cooked potatoes, carrots and broccoli.

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