Dinner 11

For the eleventh dinner in the "Kyoto Dinner Experiments" we invited Kei, Ryoka, Yukie and Inden to our home for a salmon party.

Buried Salmon (Gravlax)


1 kg Salmon

1/2 dl Salt

1/2 dl Sugar

White Pepper

3 dl Dill

Buried Salmon Sauce

1 table spoon Vinegar

1 table spoon Sugar

3 table spoons of Mustard

1 Egg (only the yellow)

3/4 dl Olive Oil


White Pepper


Cut the salmon along the spine, take away the spine and the bones. Marinate the salmon with a mix of salt and sugar. Cover a plate with dill, put one of the two salmon pieces with the skin down on top of the dill. Put dill on top of the salmon and spice it with pepper. Put the other part of the salmon on top with skin facing up. Put more dill on top of the salmon.

Put foil over the plate and let it sit in the refrigerator for 48 hours.

Mix all the ingredients for the sauce together and serve it together with the salmon and boiled potatoes.

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