Bettina Hvidevold Hystad and Simon Torssell Lerin

We are two young artists from Sweden and Norway both born in 1985. We have worked close over the past years but our collaboration started recently. As an artist couple we have focused on identity, anthropology, social and cultural structures and it´s relationship to artistic practice. In 2010 we have collaborated on three “Artist in Residence” programs in Asia.

Organhaus Art Space - Chongqing, China,

943 Studio - Kunming, China

and now here at Kyoto Art Center - Kyoto, Japan.

In our artistic practice we try to utilize our location, the city and the citizens as much as possible.

By inviting local people to join us in the creation of our artworks and making them a crucial part of the process we want to shift focus away from the artist and instead focus on the audience making them a greater influence on the art experience. We find that working together with people that normally don´t get an opportunity to experience contemporary art has been very interesting both for us and the previous participants in our projects. By putting them in an familiar situation but in an unfamiliar space (like a gallery), we want to broaden peoples concept about what an artwork can be and at the same time give them a good and interesting experience.

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